Amy - Giclee A3

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Amy - Giclee A3


Do you love Amy?

There's no one quite like her

Limited edition Art Giclee print
Archival quality, Torchon watercolour paper

Just like the original

Shipping and packaging included in price

The original portrait was created in 2016 by Sheila Tan using Prisma coloured pencils and charcoal. It was exhibited at the Funky Art Party in Chippendale, Sydney on 31 August 2016.

Now you can take your very own Amy home!

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Amy Winehouse Art Giclee prints will go into production on Friday 8 September and orders will start shipping out by 15 September! You will have your Amy approximately by 22nd September.

Thank you so much for choosing to pre-order a limited edition Funky Portrait print. 

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