Give her a gift of timeless value


Do you look back at the special moments you shared with your partner?
She cherishes these happy memories, remembering the sights, smells, tastes and experiences all the feelings again. 

The moments you shared are gifts. 

You can let her relive these moments through the gift of art. Show your partner that the time you shared with her is special.

Make her feel special. 

With art, you can capture and give her the gift of time.


A portrait captures a beautiful memory


Portraiture is a unique way you can connect with the one you love. A vibrant, realistic portrait of you and your partner is a unique timepiece that you can keep and admire for many years to come. (You can read more about my work here.)

Captivate your loved one with this special gift, created with her in mind. 

Give her something truly special. Remember the moments you shared together.



Experience the Gift of portraiture today


Step 1
Get in touch with me and tell me about your portrait. Who is it for? For what special occasion? Ask me questions. 

Step 2
I will touch base with you and answer your questions, and we can plan your gift. 

Step 3
Send me a photo (or photos) of your memory and I will turn it into a work of art.


Choose an option

Minimum 2 week turnaround

A3 finished portrait
Coloured media on fine art paper, as featured by the examples above. This is a popular option with clients.

A4 finished portrait
Coloured media on fine art paper

Price Range
399 to 799 AUD


Step 1

Contact me


Call: 0415 278 409



Or fill out the form below:

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Limited number of portraits available


With the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to create the perfect gift for your loved one. As an artist who is committed to a refined craft, I will only create a limited number of portraits until late December. Each portrait is carefully drawn to ensure you and your partner are captured accurately and beautifully. 

If this is a gift you will love, get in touch! Book a portrait today. 

- Sheila