Artists and their day jobs - Part 3

As artists, we draw inspiration from all sorts of different places. Some unlikely! Our environment can be a strong influence on how we create art. In this instalment, two artists share about how their current day job influences their art. 


Benj Wojciechowski

Sydney, Australia


1. What kind of art do you create?
I have traditionally drawn animals, cartoons, objects and portraits in pencil or biro and strive for realism in my work. I've found that my day job has changed the way I create art. Most of it now is digital. I use a wacom tablet to draw portraits and I love the flexibility and ease you have to switch between brushes, millions of colours and tools for manipulating your artwork all with a few clicks and hand gestures.

2. What is your day job?
I've been a graphic designer and finished artist for almost 10 years. I have worked between studios and freelance designing and image making for print, websites, video, brand identity and commercial interiors. I'm now engaged full-time as a designer at a television network helping out with advertising and promotions.

3. What do you like/dislike about having a day job?
I don't think I'm alone in saying that as an artist or creatively minded person, I have a myriad of ambitions and want to be devoting more time to creative pursuits in illustration, exhibiting, product making and promoting my art. Having a 9-5 day job definitely makes it harder to make time or even have the energy to put into what I love most after hours.

4. What is your dream?
To somehow defy the odds at being a starving artist and making it sustainable full-time ;)


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Laura Bundesen

Huntington, MA U.S.

1. What kind of art do you create?
I'm a mixed media artist with a heavy emphasis on fibre art and hand embroidery, currently working on a Neuro Art series exploring the magnificent and mysterious human brain and how it works.

2. What is your day job?
I'm a part time Sponsored Research Officer at an all women's college. I help 200+ faculty across campus submit grant proposals to pursue their research. Most of the proposals I submit are to federal agencies like the National Science Foundation or the National Institutes for Health.

3. What do you like/dislike about having a day job?
I do like the regular paycheck, great benefits and paid vacation time! I never worry about whether my art is selling and it gives me the creative space to try new things that can fail without stress. AND, I really like the faculty that I work with and the process of reading, editing and submitting proposals. I get to know about a lot of interesting stuff. And the Neuroscience faculty tell me when I'm getting off base with my Neuro Art. That's a bonus!

4. What is your dream?
I'd like to build my art business and following so that I'm not dependent on the paycheck as much. While I have no intention to quit the day job before retirement age hits (about another 5-6 years) I would love to be in the position to take an unpaid leave of absence from the day job and pursue an artist residency. 

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