Connect with your true, genuine self

You’re not like everyone else. You are different. You're meant to carve out a unique path of your own. You have no desire to fit in or follow the status quo.

Perhaps you are doing that right now, and have done so for many years. And yet, you live with that niggling doubt at the back of your mind. It haunts you. You’re meant for something else. Perhaps you have forged your own blazing path for many years. You are successful. Passionate. Striving for growth, meaning and purpose.

You want to live a life that inspires you. So do I. 

Yours truly!


The artist

Here’s my story. My name is Sheila Tan and I’m a portrait artist based in Sydney, Australia. I’ve loved drawing since I was a child. Graduating from the University of Sydney with a B Design Computing degree, I left my art behind for many years, attempting to build a career in the traditional corporate way.

Knowing that this was not my path, I started drawing and painting again, launching Funky Portrait in 2015 and sharing my work with a humble website and Instagram account. Interest grew gradually and I started creating portrait commissions - the majority of whom were successful men who wanted to give their wives/girlfriends and fiancés a unique gift.

I like to create portraits of individuals who inspire me, whether they are celebrities or unknown real individuals I become acquainted with or know personally. It is my fascination to capture your story through your portrait, and to show you who you are. Or who you could be.

My brand, Funky Portrait reminds me of the unique path I’m carving out for myself as an artist and that I don’t desire to be like everyone else. It’s a journey. Just like a piece of artwork that starts as a blank surface, my path is being created through the joy of process.

I encourage you to reconnect with your yourself, and find joy in creating your own journey.


Stay funky,

Sheila x


Studio 10 - “Funky Portrait offers stylish art for true individuals! Each portrait is based on hand-drawn art by Sydney artist, Sheila Tan. Sheila enjoys creating portraits of individuals who inspire her, whether they are celebrities or unknown real individuals. It is Shelia's fascination to capture your story through your portrait, and to show you who you are or who you could be.”

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