2017 Calendar

Stay inspired

Stay funky


One sunny day...


...On 12 March 2016, fellow creative and colleague, Mr Turner and I spend a morning at Qt Bondi. Mr Turner chose this venue for the lovely wall and concrete textures, plus the available sunlight we can use for an artwork photography session. 

I was being schooled on how to flatlay!


With a keen eye for beauty and tasteful detail, much of the portfolio images I have on funkyportrait.com has been thanks to his work on that sunny autumn morning.
Thank you Mr Turner! I am forever grateful for your support and inspiration throughout my journey. And I have flatlay skills thanks to you!

And so, I wanted to feature our work in a simple, yet elegant calendar for 2017.

Print it out and put it up on your wall! Stay inspired, stay funky and be true to yourself each day. Anything is possible with what you can create. 

If you haven’t yet, you MUST check out the stylish Mr Turner’s blog and Instagram! (Love your work JT)

Onwards and upwards! 

Sheils xx